Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kamikaze @ Madrid

Well, just finished watching Real v Valladolid and Real looks real threatening going foward; however they looks really weak in defence. Time and again they were caught out and if not for Casillas and some poor finishing, the scoreline would be closer.

Do think Benzema is a top top signing and he looks real class for me. He is a great player for one so young. He will certainly be a new talisman for France in the next decade.

Higuain scored a great 4th goal for Real and he is also top class for me and so is the great Iker Cassila; who in my opinion is the best keeper around.

Now waiting for Barca / Valencia which will be a cracker!

Lady Luck is Man Utd in disguise?

Well, no surprise isn’t it? Again, Man Utd won again without playing well and were lucky to hold on after being nailed back by Bolton towards the end. Fergie was honest this time round saying he felt his team was lucky to hold on.

You do wonder how long will Man Utd continue picking up points playing this way. They have been more workman like rather than creative this season. That is no surprise for me after they lost CR7 and Tevez.
(Valencia: Scorer of Utd's 2nd and decisive goal)

Elsewhere, Chelsea continue to bore all soccer fans with their display and I have to say Villa deserved the 3 points. The season seems to be turning out like the last; the teams seems to be getting de-railed after a good start to the season. I do hope Big Man Carlo can turn it round or he will be under loads of pressure.

The team’s play seems too one dimensional for me with the aging midfield and no width to the formation. Lampard seems to be out of sorts this season and his lack of goals must be a worry for the team.

Neutrals will definitely want Arsenal to win the league for the way they play the game. They seem to be picking up their form again after their double blow at Manchester. I do hope they can pick up the points and win the title as they are a team that deserves the league.

Everton’s struggles continues and Tottenham got a great win at Pompey.

Man City plays on Sunday and with Pool and Chelsea losing, they will be aiming for a win to edge closer to the top and strengthen their push for a top 4 position at least.

A Real Mess @Pool

Well, Pool fans must now be fuming after Pools’s loss at Sunderland; that makes it 4 losses in the season now. Only Consolation is that Chelsea lost as well. With Man Utd continuing to pick up points even when not playing anywhere near their best, the title seems to be heading back to OT at the moment.

Those idiots who stood by Rafa when he had the run-in with the American jokers who owns the club must certainly be starting to tear their hair out now. In short the club is in a mess.

Look at the starting line up today and you have to wonder whether the team have progressed under Rafa. Other than Carra, Agger, Skrtel and Reina, the rest of the team are made up of very average players at best. The squad looks thin and it is a surprise after Rafa spent over 200 million quid in his time and has failed to build a strong squad.

I am absolutely sick of this fella and his transfers have only brought the club backwards. Lucas, Pennant, Pongolle, Leto, Paletta, Insua, Ngog, Babel, Plessis, Voronin, Riera, Degan, Dosena, Kyrgiakos are all not Pool type of players. He sold Crouch who had a good record at Pool, he sold Keane after playing him out of position, he lost the trust and Alonso and eventually he left.

He reverted to 3 central defenders, something he has not done in his time and that is baffling. From the bench he had to bring on Ngog and Voronin to try win the the game and that is definitely a disgrace for a club of Pool’s profile.

No wonder Mourinho is laughing all the way from Milan.

Without Stevie G and Torres back in the team, you can only see Pool struggling again in Lyon and against Man Utd next weekend.

If Pool lose again at Anfield next weekend, I am sure the pressure will be for him to leave.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Back in Soccer-ness!!


Finally its back to the world of EPL and La Liga after the ever so boring international break. I do really wonder how many people, even soccer crazy fans pays real attention to the international results.

I can imagine people keeping tabs with the results and qualifications, but I cannot image people placing the live telecast of the matches as their top priority. Just might as well the Argies made it through and I was not surprised to read that only a measly quarter of a million bother to watch the England match on the internet.

A stern message that for all the technology we have today, live soccer is just not ready for computer monitors yet.

The WC is only good when the actual events comes around.

This weekend sees a great host of matches across the 3 major leagues in Europe.

I do pray for more matches like the Man City v ASS-enal game; the game of the season for me so far, probably because Arsenal got absolutely smashed after playing so well.

(Video of the mentioned match)

We will probably see a landslide game at the Emirates. Watching Carson Yeung really makes me laugh, I just cannot envisage a man having the vision of creating a fanfare Birmingham in China. He talks about getting the club to being one of the best in the country in the next 10 years. That will need 200-400 million at least for me, not the 20-40 million quid he has pledged. A clown in the making.

Elsewhere, Harry and his team will definitely be in for a head spinning time at Pompey where the fans will be at their very best to ruffle them. I am still not convinced with Spurs after their good start, they still does not have the steel and hunger to get back at teams who dare get rough with them with some ass kicking. Just too many sissies in the team full of English Patients!! Woody and King might just have a new leading role if filmmakers decide to remake the movie.

Man Utd have been the surprise team for me, they have not been great but have picked up the points. Other than the derby game, they have really sneaked out results after results in bandits style. Without Rooney and maybe Berbatov, they could straggle upfront. They cannot rely on Giggs again and again. I think Giggs has probably done more this season than the whole of last season when he was named Player of the Season, a decision that shows that the award and the whole voting system is a JOKE!!

Fergie will have to keep his mouth real shut this time and I really pray for once to see a ref be a little biased in favor of the away team for a refreshing change. OT is fast becoming Hollywood with all the last minute drams and stoppages thrillers. Its an absolute joke. And how sly and hypocritical can the man get when he is putting his arm round Wiley’s shoulder after Owen scored in the derby and the very next week he is lashing him. A real SHAMEFUL thing to do.

Chelsea also seems to be doing what they do best – putting neutral soccer fans to sleep with their style of play. It is just PAINFUL and fustrating to watch them play. For that, I really do hope they do not win the league.

The match against Liver-Poohs was a real turn off. Watching the stifling soccer is painful enough. Watching an Olympian like Drog is a F**KING DISGRACE!! [quote Droba / after match against Barca]. Drog will definitely be ready when the 2012 Olympics come round and we might just see him in a diving event. Do hope Dunne absolutely nails him hard time and again in their encounter at Villa Park.

Rafa might be under more pressure if his team fails to win at Sunderland, who has been great at home. W/o Torres and Ger, I can see Pool having more than a few problems. I cannot think of a team having ambitions of winning the league that is just so reliant on 2 players. That shows Rafa clearly is in wonderland, especially after selling Alonso. That was the moment they lost the chance of challenging for the title.

For me, he has lost it and is living in his own virtual world of Championship Soccer, especially after spending over 200 million quid. The body language of some players just does not seem right for me at the moment.

We should see both Stoke and Everton winning their home games. Everton have to improve a lot if they want to do well. They have really struggled and Moyes will hope he has a cash pledging chairman like Carson Yeung.

We have had some unpredictable weather here in Singapore, one minute it can be scorching and the next it can be absolutely pouring. That is the way to describe Wigan now. You just wonder if they will turn up and give Man City a good match, If they do not, there can be only one winner. I just wonder how long can Bramble sub stain his form. Not scoring an own goal or conceding a penalty so far this season is a surprise.

Burley’s non-existing defense has been their downfall away from home. However at Ewood where Blackburn has not been great, they might just eek out a result. A result that will mean more grey hairs on Big Sam.