Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Deco: The right man to turn to?

Well, i am currently watching the Sunderland - Chelsea game at the moment and i am not sure if Deco is the right man to start in midfield. So far (after 30 mins), Chelsea are a goal down just like they were vs Hull on Sat.

They are having loads of the ball but not creating much. I can see why a continental manger like Deco in the team, he is a good ball player and he has good vision. However, i have doubts if he is right for the Barclay's Premier League. He definitely is more suited to the La Liga or the Series A where more emphasis is placed on technical abilities and players have more time on the ball due to the slower pace of the games.

Deco was Mourinho's star player at Porto, however when Mourinho signed on at the Bridge, he never wanted to bring Deco along with him. Guess Mourinho was smart enough to see Deco may not fit in.

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