Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Premiership Picks: 3rd place

3rd Place: Liverpool

Liverpool have done really well last season. With just 2 defeats and a new record of Premiership points tally for the Anfield outfit, they just fell short last season. They had too many home draws; 7 in total. The inability to defeat teams like Fulham, Stoke, Man City and West Ham proved detrimental to their title hopes. Last season was the best opportunity to win the League and I think they might have missed the boat.

Liverpool have a strong spine to the team with a great defensive partnership of Carragher and Skrtel. Reina is arguably the best keeper among the top 4 teams. (My pick for top keeper in the League would be Shay Given at Man City)

The prospect of Mascherano now remaining at Anfield will be great news for he is probably the most crucial player in the team alongside Carra, Stevei G and Torres.

Alberto Aquilani looks to be a great signing, however how fast he is able to settle into the team will be crucial to the team now that the best passing midfielder, Xabi Alonso, has left.

I am not sure how they will replace him as there is really no one like him. Aquilani is a different kind of player, a player more adapt at pushing forward and scoring goals.

Pool still have the best 2 players in the League in Stevie G and Torres and having them fit for the whole season will be crucial. Torres looks a little too injury prone to last the whole season so again, a lot of pressure will be on Stevie G.

On their day, Pool are able to play great soccer, their great run in the second half of the season when they played great soccer and brushed teams aside are testament to this.

However, it will be hard to see them replicate the double wins over Man Utd and Chelsea and replace the radar like passing of Alonso. I am also not to sure if Rafa have learnt his lessons for I think he will again be tinkering too much, underestimating the lesser likes.

Which is why I think Pool will finish 3rd as I can only see Man Utd and Chelsea providing a consistent challenge throughout the season.

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