Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sunderland 1 Chelsea 3: Prime canidates for the title?

Well, i may be wrong in criticizing Ancelotti's decision to field Deco from the start now that they have won 3-1 against Sunderland.

They had loads of possession in the 1sthalf but were never penetrative enough. Again, they turned the game around and their 2nd half performance was just great for me.

Deco scored a great team goal and Ancelotti played Shev and Sturridge late on. I liked the shape of the team in this game with Ancelotti reverting to playing just Drogba upfront as i do think Anelka and Drog together just does not work.

Again Franky Lampard was great in the game, his tenacity and passing was great. He is really arguably the most complete midfielder in the game. He has all the qualities you want in a midfielder. He can defend, he covers the length of the pitch, he can support the front man and he can score loads of goals. Very much like Luis Enrique of Barcelona for me. Undoubtedly the man of the match for me in this game.

If Ancelotti sticks to this formation, Chelsea will really prosper. They played much better in this formation compared to the 4-4-2 he has started in the previous 2 games. The only chage i would suggest is Carvalho in for Bosingwa and Ivanovic switching to the right of defense.

Elsewhwere, we have seen Wolves pick up their 1st win of the season at Wigan. The game was nothing to shout about and Kirkland should have done better for the Wolves goal. The header didn't had much power and the player was pretty far out.

However, Wolves fan should not be too optimistic as i think they will still struggle this season.

Wigan will struggle too if there are looking at replicating the fine season they had the last time round as i think the win at Villa on Saturday clearly mask the problems the team has. They have lost Bruce who in my view is a top top manager. Losing Palacios, Heskey and Valencia; all 3 whom are crucial to them, is just vital. They will do well to finish mid table.

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